Gemini Man

Anyone who knows anything about cinema knows that Gemini Man is the the new Casablanca. If you can’t see this then I feel sorry for you.


Now, I’m gonna act like the cowboy from Mulholland Drive and say I’ll come back to this review I’ve done here twice… because you’ve all done bad (by not accepting that Gemini Man is the best thing that’s happened to cinema since 1939’s Gone with the Wind).


The first time will be when the absolute masterpiece that is “Gemini Man” wins the Oscar for best wardrobe, or one of the CGI/music awards they give out these days or something. As we all know, Oscar don’t lie!


The second time you’ll see me (I mean a comment from me replying to this review or something, I don’t know, i haven’t really thought it through, but believe me, you’ll realise!) is in 20 years time, when the whole world of which hasn’t ended from a global warming crisis, but whom are all talking about how the film “Gemini Man” Of which has become a religion because of how great it is, are saying “Yes, That Will Smith film from 20 years ago… what was it called? Capricorn One or something…”


That guy got executed on the spot in front of his wailing family, here’s a new guy.

“Yeah Gemini Man, that’s not only the best film of all time, but personally for me… when i saw it 20 years ago… and what a theatre experience it was for me.. is simply the best thing that happened in my life… and I’ve got 18 kids.. but 15 of those were forced upon me and my lady wife by the robot wasps that rule the planet Earth now. As a person from 20 years in the future talking to people who aren’t 20 years in the future, I should establish that the world is now ruled by robot wasps, and we like Gemini Man… the last surviving film. All Hail the Robot wasps!!!”

Not my words butterfly, those are the words of someone from 20 years in the future. See how wrong you all are now?


π /Wasp

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