Competition Times!!!!


Hello! I’m in pain! Hope you’re not! Thanks! YAY! So this is your chance to win a rare copy of the indie smash hit, “Yoga Hosers” (2016). It’s not copied or anything, it’s the legit deal bruh! “Why’s it rare?” I hear you absolutely scream into my face. Well please understand that this here copy, that I’m literally throwing into your lap as I walk past, not even making eye contact with you or anything, like you’re on a bus or train or something, and I’ve just gone “yeah, whatever, have that” and just nonchalantly tossed this copy of “Yoga Hosers” (2016) on your person, but in a total non threatening way or anything, like, it’s more of a cool 80’s action hero way where you understand and think “yes, this guy is the business”, has actually been signed by… Wait for it… the actor Phillip Ko! Say Hi Phillip!


For a chance to win this once in a lifetime dream copy of the 2016 film “Yoga Hosers” (MMXVI), just answer this simple question!

Question: How can we live in a world where a film like Yoga Hosers exists? Why, holy Jesus. why have you forsaken us?

Please send your answers via black mass to SATAN@HADES. That’s SATAN@HADES. So get those black candles out, turn your crucifixes upside down, chant the bible backwards and you might be the lucky one to get through for a chance at winning this once in a lifetime nightmare!

Good luck!

All entrants will be charged their eternal soul which will be absorbed by the dark one.
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