Muzan-e (1999)

Muzan-eDirector: Daisuke Yamanouchi

Stars: Yuki Emoto, Naohi Hirakawa, Ken’ichi Kanbe


A female reporter researching underground sex films stumbles across a snuff film, and her further investigation causes the filmmakers to take action against her.

That’s right, kids! It’s Japanese snuff month and I’m delighted to be bringing you another of my spoiler laden reviews. This time, it’s Daisuke Yamanouchi’s “Muzan-e” or “Celluloid Nightmares” as IMDb have bizarrely decided to call it. Ahh, that just sounds so cheesy. So, what the hell does Muzan-e mean? Well basically, it means atrocities or something and many old Japanese prints depicting violent and sexual acts were called Muzan-e. See, I do know stuff! Again, there’s no English subtitles included on this snuff film, but unlike “Tumbling Doll of Flesh“, it kind of does matter a bit because there’s loads of talking, so I’ll be using my limited knowledge of the Japanese language to explain what’s going on. Please bear with me.

So we meet the female reporter, Kazuyo, who’s the star of this gem, as she walks around a sex shop, saying Japanese stuff into the camera. Apparently some porn actress, Mai Tsurumi (star of Menstrual Love Vol 4: The Bleeding), has gone missing and so Kazuyo’s on the look out for snuff. There’s rows of filthy videos everywhere, but it seems that she can’t find what she’s looking for, so she pops off to meet a guy who’s got a load of porn in a bag. He’s a so called “adult video expert” and has twenty years of research under his belt. He sounds like an amateur to me! Anyway, She chats to him for a while and he tells her that the word on the street is that Mai’s production company were sent a snuff video starring the actress, hence her disappearance. They have a bit of a natter about the whole snuff scene before Kazuyo heads off to meet the producer who recieved the tape.



So after all this talking, we’re at last shown some porn. This is pretty bad actually, a man and woman are in a bath and she’s on the blob so there’s blood pissing out of her snatch. The fella then goes down on her and when he comes up for air, he has blood all over his face and he spits a load more out like a cartoon character emerging from water. Nice! After this, Kazuyo interviews the dodgy producer, who’s face is hidden and who’s voice has been changed. He tells her about the popularity of period porn and that Mai was his greatest asset. When asked about the snuff film, he explains what was on it, but Kazuyo’s all like “You’re not allowed to hear it though” to the viewers. I don’t know why, something to do with it being a police matter. Convenient! She also says it must be a load of bullshit. Hey, My Japanese is really coming on! Time watch: we’re already a third of the way through the film. Bloody chatter boxes!

Continuing her snuff hunt, the reporter somehow blags her way onto a dodgy porn shoot where two guys are grabbing a girl and taking her clothes off as she screams and looks all round non-plussed. At one point she’s all “it hurts” to the director, but he replies “It’s rape porn, you bitch!” Oh right, so one of the men has gone down and come back up with a bloody tampon in his mouth. Ahh, now he’s putting it in her mouth and she looks kind of distressed by this… as you would be. Soon enough, the guy’s hands are covered in fanny blood and he’s wiping it all over her face. That bit was actually quite funny because of how pissed off the girl looked. He soon starts pounding her as everyone’s covered in period and the reporter decides she can’t watch anymore. Later she conducts interviews with the director and the stars of the show, but they basically say something along the lines of “no snuff here”.

When I said I wanted to see a bloodbath, this isn't what I meant...

When I said I wanted to see a bloodbath, this isn’t what I meant…

At last, our heroine manages to land herself some snuff off of some colleague of the producer guy. This exchange happens in the middle of a busy street. Only in Japan! The video shows Mai being knocked out and put in a car boot by a bastard. He then drags her to some place where he and some other masked bastard strip her and tie her up. The last image we see (for now) is of one of the bastards spinning her around by her legs. Really, I shouldn’t laugh. We then get a warning and a count down from five before we get into the rest of the snuff film. Nice touch. Obviously when we dip back into the video, things have gotten somewhat more serious as one of the guys slashes Mai’s belly open with a massive machete and pulls out her insides. Kazuyo is soon throwing up in the corner after viewing this.

Undeterred, she studies the car section of the video and sees a reflection of something she recognises, so she and her cameraman head off to investigate. They come to some field with a shed and loads of barrels and stuff, and within about a minute, the two masked men grab the reporter and murder the cameraman. Cut to her tied to the same chair we saw in the video as one of the men is cutting her clothes off. At last we see Kazuyo’s baps! Don’t get too comfortable with them though as the guy wastes no time in biting off one of her nips. He then cuts off some of her clunge and feeds it to her. Just when you think all hope is lost for our intrepid reporter, she starts complaining about something and… well… it turns out the whole thing was fake and there’s a full film crew there. Yes, the twist is that it turns out the reporter was in fact fetish pornstar Mai Tsurumi all along. Well that could have been a disappointing ending, but she starts pissing off the director so he ends up stabbing her in the neck anyway. Huzzah!

The Snuffmeister General!

The Snuffmeister General

Well that was fun. It’s not anywhere near as brutal as “Tumbling Doll of Flesh”, as a lot of the gore is pixilated as well as the clunges, but it’s sure a lot more entertaining, it’s quite funny in places too. I’d have to say to anyone who hasn’t seen a snuff film before, but would like to get into the whole genre, that this would be a pretty good place to start. That is unless seeing people drink period blood makes you unwell, then I’d say stay far away from it. Anyway, if you’re enjoying Japanese snuff month, then you’re a mental, and you might be glad to know I’ll be reviewing the classic “Guinea Pig: The Devil’s Experiment” next, but if you can’t wait until then for your Jap-snuff fill, then why not go round metaphorically Stabbing your friends in the heart! Cheers!

I couldn’t find a trailer, so here’s something a little… different.


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45 Responses to Muzan-e (1999)

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  2. I think I’ll pass on this one. I can stand pretty much anything, but the bathtub scene sounds kind of gross – even for me. Good review despite the lack of English subs or dub.

  3. Bill Meeker says:

    Japanese snuff month?!?! Yay!!!! Bring it on, Damian . . . .

  4. sweetarchive says:

    Gosh, Damian, this one sounds intense as hell! I’m part overwhelmed and part curious about this. I’m not sure whether my curiosity should be of worry to me. Anyways, you got my attention, buddy.

    • It is pretty intense! That’s exactly how I felt the first time I heard of this film, I’m sure your curiosity will get the better of you and you’ll be hunting this bad-boy down in no time! Thanks for reading!

  5. theipc says:

    WHAT THE FUCK???????????????????????? Period porn and fanny blood??? Tampons and Damians????

    What the fuck have I stumbled across here, Scoot?????


  6. emmakwall says:

    #longjohns (just getting involved in yours and Eric’s comments)

    Before I read this……..can I ask a question? Are there any pretend snuff movies / weird Japanese stuff / you know what I mean – where a man is violated and chopped up and made into holes…..
    by a group of women? I’m sensing a sexist attitude amongst these film producers! I want an interview with their union rep if something isn’t done immediately.

    Or….I suppose to be fair if women were the perpetrators they’d just start talking about shoes and handbags and who they dislike at work? Forgetting all about their bloody murder! Silly women!

    • #tights

      Good question! I’m not sure if there’s any in the Jap-snuff genre. I think most snuff is lady-victim based, but there’s a girl in The August Underground films (American snuff) who kills men and women, plus, there’s always Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, but I can’t think of a film where a group of women torture and cut up a man. Maybe it’s something you can come up with yourself, if you ever get into filmmaking!

      It’s frustrating because I know as soon as I hit send, I’ll think of one.

      • emmakwall says:


        Yeah that doesn’t surprise me, I was only kidding really. Well I wasn’t kidding, but I was kidding about being indignant about sexism in snuff films – WHAT.

        I guess if I wanted to complain about something in a film about period blood and violence it might not be TOP of the list…!

        Reut – you shouldn’t worry Sweetie, I have a sick, morbid curiosity too and I’m pretty nice!

        Actually good call with Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS – I hadn’t thought of that, but I am familiar with the movie. And she was a bitch!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen the film but I’m familiar.

        Right Damo, I’m reading this now πŸ™‚

      • #bloomers

        Really, you could say a lot of conventional horrors are sexist. Like, all the screaming when a girl is being chased, honestly, would anyone really scream like that if they’re trying to get away from some psycho? I’ve always thought that was sexist, oh, and all the falling down in the woods.

        Yeah, but again, Ilsa kills women too so it’s not totally sexist to men which I’m guessing you’re looking for? Seriously, I’ll be on the lookout for such a film now!

        Happy reading…

      • emmakwall says:

        It’s going to have to wait, I’m sorry! I got so caught up in our comments (we are the comment masters!) it is now time for me to leave the building!

        But I look forward to sweet bedtime reading later πŸ™‚

        And thanks so much for looking for a film for me like that! I was only kidding about the sexism stuff though. I don’t want you to think I was really causing fuss over equal violence to women AND men! ha ha πŸ™‚

        What about Switchblade Romance? That was a ‘twist’ though! I think some people call it High Tension or something.

        Women aren’t as menacing really are they. Unless they’re Kathy Bates in Misery!

        P.S so true what you said about screaming girls in generic horrors!!

      • Oh you plum! Ha! Comment masters, brilliant!

        I know you were only kidding, I know this, but I wanted to be all clever and come up with a film anyway. I’ve got to say, it’s an intriguing prospect if there is one.

        Yeah but, I think we’re looking for specific women torturing men for an hour films. Plus, she was a fat bloke all along! Wow that film made little to no sense.

        Misery is a good one I suppose, I reckon that’s the closest yet… if it was a snuff!

        P.S. I know, I’m always right.

  7. vinnieh says:

    God old chap this looks brutal. Also wanted to say love the friends list you have on your blog.

  8. Your reviews are always on top form Sir! “she’s on the blob so there’s blood pissing out of her snatch.” This had me laughing far too much – I’ve not heard the word snatch in a long time.

    I’m going to watch this Monday morning before work, because why not. Also, the period fetish is pretty grim. i’m a woman and even I find periods so repulsive I went on a pill to stop them all together – I’d be might unpopular in Japanese snuff!

    And thank you for the shootout you absolute babe! I’m just about to review Tumbling πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, honey snatch! You’re right, it is a bit of an oldish word, but i always challenge myself to come up with new terms for… it. I hate the word “vagina”.

      Monday morning? Before work? You’re mental and I love you. The period sex bits are definitely the worst bits. I don’t blame you, I’d hate blood to gush from my clunge if I was a lady. I’d have a fantastic clunge.

      Anytime, Zoe! I adored your review of TDoF!

      • Honey snatch, sounds so cute! The word vagina is quite gross. I call mine something quite hilarious, but the Internet is not allowed to know just yet.
        You just love the extremeness of my watching habits! Oh, Damian, you’d have the most beautiful mine ever! Thank you sugar balls!

      • I just think the word is sickeningly formal and it reminds me of those horrid couples on those sex guide videos that I’ve never watched. I’d refer to yours as a hoo-ha, but hopefully I’ll never have to. Thanks, butterscotch jugs!

      • That you’ve never watched. Hahahaha hoo-ha, oh wow. Now that’s hilarious. Very polite though! No worries frangipane cheeks πŸ™‚

  9. emmakwall says:

    I finally read the whole thing Damo! Sounds absolutely gross to be fair. Period blood isn’t normal blood…….. 😦

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