Larusso’s legacy: part 1

It had been a long day for Martin. Of course, it was the same as any other day, time wise and all, but this one just seemed longer. He remembered thinking when he was at lunch, as he constantly stared at the clock, that the day may never end at this rate, but it did, and it was now evening time and he was driving home in his car. Martin looked at the pumpkin on his passenger seat and smiled. His favourite time of the year had officially started. Having all the family around for thanksgiving, Watching Beth unwrap her presents on Christmas morning, that was all soon to come, but it was Halloween night he got most excited for, hence the long day. He remembered the great time he had last year, carving the pumpkin with Beth, then taking her out trick or treating in her little ewok costume. He nearly had as much fun as Beth did, and right now he couldn’t wait to start another crazy Halloween night in L.A. This was 1984 however, so the ewok costume had been adapted to look more like “Gizmo” from Beth’s new favourite film, Gremlins, by her multi-talented mother, Gwen.  As Martin neared the front of the local high school, he took one more fond glance at the pumpkin before training his eyes back on the road, but suddenly, an obstacle appeared in his path.
“What the…?” He murmered as he began to swerve out of it’s way. It was a big red shape that seemed to have legs, and it was running out into the road. He soon realised that it was a boy, who for whatever reason, had a large shower curtain surrounding him. Martin just barely missed him, but in doing so, smashed straight into another car heading in the opposite direction. His head connected powerfully with the dashboard and bounced back into position. The last thing he saw before slipping into unconciousness, was a group of boys, dressed in skin tight skeleton costumes, chasing the other boy down the street.

Karate KidGwen sat at Martin’s bedside. Waiting. Beth was in another room filled mostly with books and toys. She wasn’t playing though, she was too upset. She’d been looking forward to tonight for weeks, but now she couldn’t dress up and go trick or treating with her friends because her daddy got hurt in his car. Gwen stared and stared at Martin, just waiting for any tiny response until, he started to murmer. She shot up out of her chair and then gently bent over his face and whispered, “Darling?”
Martin murmered slightly louder this time and eventually spoke.
“It hurts,” he said, and Gwen rubbed his arm.
“I know, you’ll be fine,” she replied in her comforting voice. She felt so relieved that he’d finally come round. He was going to be okay, everything was going to be okay.
“Where am I?” Asked Martin.
“Don’t worry, you had an accident, but you’ll be fine. You just get some rest,” she answered
“…kay,” he said wearily. With that, Gwen stood upright and started to head towards the other room to tell Beth the good news.
“By the way,” Martin said suddenly, he seemed slightly livelier.
“Yes?” Asked Gwen.
“Who are you?”

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3 Responses to Larusso’s legacy: part 1

  1. emmakwall says:

    Oh no! I thought he would be okay 😦

    Looking forward to Part 2!!

  2. emmakwall says:

    No, but I think that answers my second question…………


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