Why You’re Here

So, I was looking at my site stats, as you do, to see how popular I am (the results were obviously depressing), and I stumbled across the “search terms” stats. This is basically what people have typed into google to unwittingly stumble across this blog. I was so inspired by these findings, that I decided to list my top ten search terms that have gotten people here, this soon turned into a top twenty because I could wittle down no more. I now know why Porno Holocaust is my most viewed review, and as infuriatingly tempting as it was, I didn’t correct any of the grammar or anything, this is truly what was typed in. Here we go.

20 – porno holocaust film porno
19 – 1981 porn
18 – http://www.cannibl 1981 sex.com
17 – old porno desert island escape
16 – zombie lake 1981 nude scenes
15 – two detectives run into cannibals
14 – nude deserted island porn
13 – semi italian porn
12 – young vs onther cannibal xxx porno
11 – cannibal holocaust castration gif
10 – italy mark shannon xxx pics
9 – i spit or in grave castration
8 – holocaust porn
7 – linnea quigley in birth suit
6 – castration snuff porn
5 – women has hooks pushed through her tits in cannibal ferox movie
4 – fadades shirts
3 – why was goal 3 so bad
2 – lesbian licking back
1 – images of sex scene in holocaust

I’d like to take this chance to welcome any new visitors reading this after typing in one of these somewhat bizarre search terms.


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9 Responses to Why You’re Here

  1. Abbi says:

    My most popular blog post is one about my top 10 movie masturbation scenes…

  2. theipc says:

    Inspired by this post I did an “all time” search stats lookup and I thought you’d be happy to see this stat:

    analingus 261

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