Dark Times.

November 23rd, 2014. 2:33 pm


Ken comforted Hilda with an arm around her shoulder as Katie’s coffin was lowered into the ground, she was crying louder again now, possibly even louder than at the point during the ceremony when the priest spoke Katie’s full name. Ken knew why, this was the last time she’d ever see her daughter, poor Katie Anne Saunders moving. He’d only known her for two years and hadn’t really bonded with her as much as he would have liked, as every time he even tried to make eye contact with her and smile she would just turn away and eventually walk off. He even tried to help her out with little things like giving her money and cleaning up after her when she’d left clothes lying around in the bathroom so that she wouldn’t get in trouble with her mother, but still she gave him the cold shoulder. He remembered first seeing her picture on his second date with Hilda and thinking “I bet that’s what Hilda looked like at that age, phwooar!”

At that moment, sitting in the Peacock having a Sunday roast with his new girlfriend, who even then he knew he would probably fall in love with (and at his age, he probably should), if he was told about the tragic event that will happen two years down the line, he’d have never called Hilda again thinking he could never be able to handle such a situation. Now however, he was a different person, and it was all down to Hilly. She was the one that gave him the ultimatum that if he didn’t stop drinking then she couldn’t possibly marry him. So he did. He knocked the booze on the head and hasn’t touched a drop for eighteen months and nine days. He also gave up gambling which was starting to get out of hand, but Hilda was never aware of this problem and they’ve been happily married for just over a year.

Hilda screamed and dropped to her knees. Ken just stood and stared as the coffin disappeared from his view. He wanted Hilda to stop crying. He wanted this day to end. He wanted to.. Ellen’s laughing face once again appeared in his mind, as it so often had since the accident. She was the cause of all this. Ken also wanted to cry now, but not so much through grief, but through anger.


November 8th, 2014. 10:49 pm


Poor Katie Anne Saunders. Not only did she think that she was going to be late home and was becoming panicky through the fear of being on the receiving end of one of her mother’s worried yet enraged tantrums, she was also seconds away from being instantly killed. I guess you can argue that the latter problem kind of eradicates her first one, but still..

Katie was never late home anymore, not since the time she hooked up with Hannah’s brother’s friend who was over at the Parker’s house when she was fourteen. She lost all track of time that night and was nearly an hour late getting home. She’ll always remember the look on her mother’s waiting face as she tried to creep through the door, and he was there, of course he was, he always is. Katie hated Ken. She hated the very idea of him being in the same house as her and she certainly didn’t trust him. She always thought he looked at her funny, like in a creepy way, and that time her underwear disappeared from the bathroom always made her suspicious. Anyway, she’ll be sixteen soon and then she can start thinking about getting away from him, and his creepy ass eyes.

She really didn’t want to see him tonight, but it was inevitable, he’ll be there. All she could do was worry and try and jog at a pace that wouldn’t tire her out too quickly, but it was getting harder. She couldn’t believe how unfit she felt and started to regret taking up smoking three months ago. As her legs grew heavier and her chest started to feel like it was about to cave in, she stopped outside an apartment block. There was no way she was going to make her eleven o’clock curfew now as it would take her about a quarter of an hour to get home by car. She looked ahead panting, trying to get her breath back and started thinking about the angry lecture she was about to receive. She broke out in a smile, and as the weight crashed down on top of her head crushing her skull and squashing her brain, the last thing she thought was “Oh fuck it!”


November 8th, 2014. 10:52 pm


Colin was normal. As normal as any twenty year old. He did all the normal things most young adults do. He had a job in a warehouse that funded his college media studies, he was seeing a girl that he met in class last month. He played basketball on Thursdays and liked to hang out with his friends at the weekend. He also led quite a healthy social life online where he maintained a music blog and had an account on all the major social networks. He was normal. He did normal things, and he did them in a normal manner. Everyone has a breaking point however, and tonight Colin’s breaking point was a mere click of a mouse away.

As Colin’s finger grazed the left side of his mouse, he paused for a second before adding enough pressure to actually make anything happen.
“Please don’t be” he thought as he looked at the link. He knew the girl that had sent it to him, it was Tiffany and she was a bit of a spaz. She’d be just the kind of person to send him yet another bastardization of the demon that had been haunting him for the best part of this year, the reason he’d taken the last month off from going online at all. He’d just had enough since early March and had to cut down his social network activities to about a third of what he’d done in the past five years, and here he is, back on and with this link the first thing to greet him. He added finger pressure and a clicking sound was made. It was his worst fear, no even worse than he had imagined. It was the Oscar’s selfie, the millionth version he’d seen this year. This particular one had Tiffany’s face superimposed over Jared Leto’s head, it was very unprofessionally done as you could see the top of Leto’s hair appearing from where Tiffany’s was supposed to stop and the positioning of her chin made no sense. Colin didn’t study this for too long though. He was officially broken now and with a scream of rage he pulled the leads from his out of fashion (heavy) monitor and threw it through the window.

Colin didn’t even look out through the broken shards of glass and didn’t even consider the damage he could have caused being nine stories up, he just walked straight into his kitchen and started to cook a goldfish as he sobbed uncontrollably for ten minutes. As he sat down and stared at the wall there was a knock on the door.


March 2nd, 2014. 10:54 pm


The show was going well, they were lapping it up. It was time. Ellen had been planning this for a while, almost before she’d even got the call to host this year’s ceremony. She looked over at Bradley, he gave her the nod, this is the kind of obvious comedy that people will love, celebrities doing something normal. It’ll be record breaking! Ellen took out her phone…

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