Introducing my new favourite artist.. Fadades.

Fadades, the latest in a string of talented French Black Metal acts such as Carnival in Coal, Anorexia Nervosa and Jean Michel Jarre, is a self employed Youtube supremo that’s taking the world by storm. On the underground satanic circuit for a number of years now, his all round artistry has inspired such superstars as Marilyn Manson, Stephenie Meyer and Natasha Bedingfield.

Known mostly for his contemporary dress sense and vocal style, Fadades also makes his own music videos using the height of green screen CGI technology to accompany his angelic voice and distorted guitar riffs. To the untrained listener Fadades might sound like an untalented crazy man mental rambling incoherent nonsense in a silly voice.. this opinion is wrong.

In late 2012 Fadades had to cancel a show in Bordeaux when he wiped his nose on his sleeve and caused three nasty puncture wounds to his face. Fans were anxious and concerned that this could be the end of a career that seemed to be on the up and up, but Fadades was soon back with a track/video that has been heralded as French music’s greatest achievement, Isometrax 4012.

Fadades records in surround 5.1.


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