The devil or something..

The pale blue moon shone from outside,
and in a room, a girl did hide.
She knelt on hard wood, frantic praying.
“Can you hear what I am saying?”
With her mind she cried to Jesus,
“Rid this town of dark and free us.”
A darker light appeared and said,
“You’ll understand when you are dead”.
With sudden shock and jolting fright,
she turned toward the gloomy light
“Are you the dark that tortures us?
I asked to speak to Lord Jesus”
The darkness said drinking her sorrow,
“You’ll meet your Lord first thing tomorrow”.
“You mean tonight’s the night I die?”
She asked and then began to cry.
“Yes” The evil spirit said,
“I’ll take your life when you’re in bed”
She paused then from her solemn weep,
“You only kill us when we sleep!”
She looked now straight into the light
“What if I stay awake all night?
I’ll walk the hills and swim the lake,
do anything to stay awake”.
She looked up at the pale blue moon,
determined not to tire soon.
But then she felt it in her mind,
the darkness made her senses blind.
The evil got inside her head,
and made her lay inside her bed.
She could not rise from lying down,
she felt it creep through her night gown.
A heavy weight lay on her chest,
she heard the spirit say “Now rest”.
She struggled but to no avail,
she tried to fight but doomed to fail,
She noticed that to her surprise,
she could no longer open her eyes.
Her one last thought before she slept,
was “Oh where will my soul be kept?”.

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