The Saviour

In a small and sleepy station,
in a small and sleepy town.
A man in black sat silent
as the setting sun went down
Another man stood waiting,
an officer of the law.
Then a disconcerted father
came charging through the door.
The desperate father cried
“Where is my only daughter?”
The man in black replied
“She lies now in the water”.
“Oh no, this can’t be true,
your story must be fake”,
The man looked up and smiled
“I suggest you search the lake”.
The officer stood there glaring,
“But she was just a kid.
You better come clean now sir
and tell us what you did.”
The man in black stayed calm.
“I dragged her to my boat.
She tried to scream for help
so I slowly slit her throat.
She fell down on the deck,
she looked so peacful there.
The blood tide from her neck
trickled through her silk blonde hair.”
“Stop!” the father shouted
“For I can hear no more”
but the man in black explained
what his dark actions were for.
“Her death was a release,
I was doing her a favour.
I cleanse the pain of life.
I am the lord and saviour.”
“You are no lord or saviour”
the harrowed law man said.
“You’re walking with the devil
and by sunrise you’ll be dead.”
The man in black laughed loudly.
“You question my behaviour.
But now you are the murderer,
you have become my saviour.”

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